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Bill is a Family Law Specialist.  Divorce, and family law, in Northern Colorado, Larimer County, Fort Collins, Wellington, Loveland, Berthoud, and Windsor, is all he does, and, with, that he brings over thirty years of experience in the navigation of Colorado’s divorce and family law processes.  From intake to conclusion, he will guide you through, and prepare all required forms, attend court conferences, temporary orders, mandatory mediation, and if necessary permanent orders regarding dissolution, divorce, property division, maintenance, spousal support, parenting time/visitation, child support, and post decree modification.  Throughout the journey, you will be fully advised, so that the decisions you will make are fully informed, as to what the law allows, and the human consequences of them.  It is your family, your life, and in the transition(s) that inevitably accompany a decision to move forward, you not only expect competence, you are entitled to grace.

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At Bill Combs Law, LLC we believe ours is a unique system and process of resolving legal problems. By focusing on the human needs of our clients we are able to remove much of the “win at all cost” philosophy which permeates our legal culture. What clients need and deserve is competence, understanding and vision.

Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce

Colorado is a “no-fault” divorce/Dissolution Of Marriage State, and all determinations are made “without regard to fault.” 



A Legal Separation addresses the same issues, in the same manner as a divorce/Dissolution of Marriage proceeding.


Allocation of Parental Responsibility

A Petition For Allocation of Parental Responsibilities is filed where unmarried parties have, and share responsibility for children they have together.


Parenting Time

Just like decision making responsibility, what used to be known as “visitation,” is now referred to as “parenting time.”


Spousal Support/Maintenance

The reasonable needs of the party seeking spousal support, and the party required to pay support ability to pay, a spousal support Order, may be entered.


Child Support

Directs one parent to contribute to the support of their children while in the other parent’s care. 


Property Division

Colorado is an “equitable” property division state as opposed to a true “community” property division state. 



A change in either your Separation Agreement, Parenting Plan, or financial orders, Colorado allows for modification of those provisions.




Deepest gratitude for your endless hours of work, and contemplation, your care and commitment and your generous giving spirit.


Thank you again for helping me put my life back on track.


Thanks so much Bill for your help on this matter, and for your patience! I look forward to seeing you again sometime, hopefully under happy circumstances.


Within the darkness you have been one of my brightest lights.


Thank you. I never thought I would like my divorce lawyer.

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