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You’re here because you’re looking for the best Fort Collins/Northern Colorado family law attorney you can find. One who is highly experienced in assisting others with their divorce. I am that attorney. I’ll help you understand the Colorado divorce process and laws. I recognize divorce is an anxious and stressful time. It is a difficult undertaking even when the decision is mutual. It is especially so if not.

At Bill Combs Law I focus on and emphasize you, the client. I’ll help you through the required steps and forms, attend all hearings and mediation sessions including Permanent Orders, if necessary. I will answer your questions concerning filing for divorce, your children, child custody, parental responsibilities, and visitation and parenting time. I’ll provide guidance and advice on questions of assets, separate and marital property, alimony and spousal support. Questions of how they affect you, your children, your property – your life. It’s no small task and I don’t take it lightly.

Bill Combs Law was founded on the idea that when we do the right things, our lives are richer,have more meaning and we can, even in the midst of adversity, be the change we want. We view our clients as people, not as objects and don't believe that one has to have a fancy suit to help.

I handle divorce, child custody, parenting time, decision making, alimony, and spousal support, property and asset division and modification matters. If it concerns Colorado family law I do it.

With over twenty years of experience I have the ability and integrity to assist clients with difficult choices. I‘ll be your advocate. I’ll tell you what’s realistic and what’s not. I’ll even tell you if you don’t need a lawyer. I am a different type – of lawyer.

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